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A podcast about nothing.

About the show

Friends and family members discuss movies, music, video games and other pop culture topics. Join the ColdBow guys for laughs and insight on these and more.

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  • Favorite YouTube Video

    June 2nd, 2020  |  Season 3  |  2 hrs 1 min
    comedy, content creator, funny, media, podcast, variety, video, youtube

    The gang shares their favorite YouTube videos with you!

  • Bill Murray

    May 4th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 44 mins
    bill murray, comedy, film, ghostbusters, groundhog day, saturday night live, scrooged, snl, what about bob

    Bill. F***ing. Murray.

  • Tom Misch

    April 21st, 2020  |  Season 3  |  55 mins 8 secs
    british, dj, media, music, podcast, review, soundcloud, spotify, tom misch, uk

    the ColdBros listen to Tom Misch

  • Tiger King with guest Kylee Daley

    April 13th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 32 mins
    documentary, docuseries, film, gay, hillbilly, netflx, podcast, polygamy, redneck, series, tiger, tiger king

    The Coldbros discuss the widely popular Docuseries on Netflix called Tiger King.

  • Disney Grab Bag

    April 1st, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 40 mins
    animation, disney, film, music, villain

    Come listen to the Coldbros discuss their opinions on all things Disney.

  • Musicals

    March 24th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 20 mins
    goat, movie, movie review, musical

    Join in as we discuss our favorite Musicals!

  • Reintroductions

    March 19th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 28 mins
    film, history, movie, music, podcast

    Every great podcast needs to reintroduce themselves!

  • 2nd Annual ColdBow Awards Show - Part 2

    March 9th, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 55 mins

    Part 2 of the incredibly prestigious Coldbow Awards Ceremony!

  • 2nd Annual ColdBow Awards Show - Part 1

    March 1st, 2020  |  Season 3  |  1 hr 58 mins
    awards, barry, film, john wick, joker, keanu reeves, lego movie, mad max, movies, mr robot, music, star wars, tv shows

    The Coldbros tux it up for the 2nd Annual Coldbow Awards Ceremony! Part 1.

  • Santa's Grab Bag

    December 23rd, 2019  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 11 mins

    The Coldbros discuss items from their Christmas grab bag!

  • Lightsaber Duels

    December 16th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 41 mins
    anakin skywalker, baby yoda, darth vader, disney, duel, films, lightsaber, luke skywalker, movies, obiwan kenobe, star wars, yoda

    The Coldbros discuss the best Star Wars Lightsaber duels.

  • TV Pilots

    December 12th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 43 mins

    What is the greatest the TV pilot of all time?

  • One Hit Wonder: a-ha

    December 8th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  57 mins 35 secs
    80's, a-ha, music, one hit wonder, take on me

    The Coldbros discuss another one hit wonder, a-ha from the 80's. But is a-ha really a one hit wonder?

  • Doki Doki Literature Club

    November 25th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 23 mins
    anime, doki doki, novel, video game, visual novel

    The Coldbro's play an anime girl dating game??

  • Coldbow Casts.....Coldbow

    November 13th, 2019  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 27 secs
    casting, film, podcast

    This week the Coldbros decide that the inevitable Coldbow movie that will happen should be casted. Who better to choose the ones that will portray us than us?

  • Hayao Miyazaki

    November 1st, 2019  |  Season 2  |  1 hr 18 mins
    anime, comedy, hayao, miyazaki

    This week the coldbros talk about everyone's favorite Japanese animator, Hayao Miyazaki! Miyazaki, and Studio Ghibli, is the Walt Disney of Japan and an absolute legend in the animation business in general.