Episode 49

Harry Potter Stack - Part 1


July 8th, 2019

2 hrs 15 mins 22 secs

Season 2

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Do you like the Harry Potter movies? Do you enjoy hearing the dulcet tones of your favorite Coldbros? Do you have a spare 2 1/2 hours? Well, do we have the thing for you! Your Coldbros are going to stack all 8 Harry Potter movies. This week we discuss the first four movies in the series and give our takes on them. We also discuss a little bit about our Pottermore results, cause we know you all are dying to hear that. Tune in listen to us discuss and let us know what you think about our takes. Then you get to wait a week for our thrilling conclusion and the final rankings of our Harry Potter Extravaganza!

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