Episode 73

Disney Grab Bag


April 1st, 2020

1 hr 40 mins 42 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Troy decide that they are going to do a grab bag on all things Disney. You will get to hear their thoughts on the best Disney songs, sidekicks, villains and their first Disney crushes! We have recently talked a lot of trash against Disney. While that stuff is definitely well deserved we thought we'd talk a bit about what we enjoy. Let me tell you, the pros outweigh the cons. The Coldbros are some Disney feinds and this was one of the funnest episodes to research and record. We also tried really hard to give ourselves a time limit and you can guess how that went.

Give us a listen and let us know what your favorites are for each of these categories. We really would like to hear from you on this one!

Sidekicks (12:37):
Jiminy Cricket - Pinocchio
Bing Bong - Inside Out
Baymax - Big Hero 6
Genie - Aladdin

First Disney Crush (29:38):
Aurora - Sleeping Beauty
Belle - Beauty and the Beast
Jane - Tarzan
Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Animation (39:39):
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Emporer's New Groove

Music (1:01:37):
Go the Distance - Hercules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgnHF2CwrPs
Bare Necessities - Jungle Book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ogQ0uge06o
You'll Be In My Heart - Tarzan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIVaUcE4kAM
A Whole New World - Aladdin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZ1Rb9hC4JY

Villain (1:11:31):
Hades - Hercules
Frollo - Hunchback of Notre Dame
Sid - Toy Story
Gaston - Beauty and the Beast

Random Stats:
Most voted for movies -
3 - Hercules and Tarzan
2 - Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Aladdin

The Giffords vs. the World continues -
Chris and Troy brought up old Disney; Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and Jungle Book.
Jake and Scott brought up new Disney; Big Hero 6 and Inside Out.

We are CLEARLY people who were born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s with this list.


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